Cardiovascular risk trend distribution

In 1995 we organized the first cross-sectional study of cardiovascular risk factors in 1748 randomly selected individuals from 33 communities in Girona Province; in 2000, we selected 3058 participants in 16 communities and in 2005 (HERMES) 6500 participants from three communities. Over this decade, risk factor prevalence underwent considerable changes, of which the following aspects are most notable:

  • increased participant knowledge about the control and treatment of arterial hypertension,
  • improved total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol profiles among the population of Girona Province between 1995 and 2005.

Cardiovascular risk trend distribution

The lipids changes observed cannot be attributed to increased hypolipidaemia treatment, even though this increase was significant, because the distribution curve was also skewed to the left in a sensitivity analysis excluding treatments.

This phenomenon, described by Geoffrey Rose more than 40 years ago as a public health objective because of its potential consequences for the reduction of cardiovascular diseases, was observed in Girona during this decade.

In 20 years the actual impact on reducing morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular diseases should be tested, especially with respect to ischemic heart disease.