Grau M, Subirana I, Elosua R, Solanas P, Ramos R, Masiá R, Cordón F, Sala J, Juvinyà D, Cerezo C, Fitó M, Vila J, Covas MI, Marrugat J,

Trends in cardiovascular risk factor prevalence (1995-2000-2005) in northeastern Spain.

Eur J Cardiovasc Prev Rehabil 2007 Oct; 14 (5): 653-9, PMID: 17925624

High prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors has been observed in Spain along with low incidence of acute myocardial infarction. Our objective was to determine the trends of cardiovascular risk factor prevalence between 1995 and 2005 in the 35-74-year-old population of Gerona, Spain.

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