Socias L, Frontera G, Rubert C, Carrillo A, Peral V, Rodriguez A, Royo C, Ferreruela M, Torres J, Elosua R, Bethencourt A, Fiol M, en representación del Grupo de Investigadores del CI-IB y del IBERICA.,

Comparative analysis between 2 periods of acute myocardial infarction after a decade in Mallorca. IBERIA Study (996-1998) and Infarction-Code (2008-2010).

Med Intensiva 2016 Dec; 40 (9): 541-549, PMID: 27298077

To investigate the differences in mortality at 28 days and other prognostic variables in 2 periods: IBERICA-Mallorca (1996-1998) and Infarction Code of the Balearic Islands (IC-IB) (2008-2010).Two observational prospective cohorts.Hospital Universitario Son Dureta, 1996-1998 and 2008-2010.Acute coronary syndrome with ST elevation of≤24h of anterior and inferior site.Age, sex, cardiovascular risk factors, site of AMI, time delays, reperfusion therapy with fibrinolysis and primary angioplasty, administration of acetylsalicylic acid, beta blockers and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors. Killip class, malignant arrhythmias, mechanical complications and death at 28 days were included.Four hundred and forty-two of the 889 patients included in the IBERICA-Mallorca and 498 of 847 in the IC-IB were analyzed. The site and Killip class on admission were similar in both cohorts. The main significant difference between IBERICA and IC-IB group were age (64 vs. 58 years), prior myocardial infarction (17.9 vs. 8.1%), the median symtoms to first ECG time (120 vs. 90min), median first ECG to fibrinolysis time (60 vs. 35min), fibrinolytic therapy (54.8 vs. 18.7%), patients without revascularization treatment (45.9 vs. 9.2%), primary angioplasty (1.0% vs. 92.0%). The mortality at 28 days was lower in the IC-IB (12.2 vs. 7.2%; hazard ratio 0.560; 95% CI 0.360-0.872; P=.010).The 28-day mortality in acute coronary syndrome with ST elevation in Mallorca has declined in the last decade, basically due to increased reperfusion therapy with primary angioplasty and reducing delays time to reperfusion.

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